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Can you name the Awesome things about the Trip To Vermont of a Lifetime!?

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Why was there fog rolling over the lake?
How did Evan enter the lake?
Where were we gonna leave Rolando?
What was Olivia's nickname?
Write a Haiku--Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
What makes every picture better?
What was Dan's nickname?
Why was it cold?
Do you have beer?
How many oars were on the boat
Name 3 shortcomings Olivia had playing Pokemon--1
Who is the manliest rower?
Rick, how was work?
What did we name the boat?
What are Jon's 3 biggest fears? (hint: all were present on this trip)--1
What was Evan's nickname?
What did we do on the hike?
What was the wi-fi password?
What does Dan want to listen to?
What is definitely going to kill us?
Which pit stop?
What musician/tennis player does Evan hate?
How many guys did we pick up in New Haven?
Who went down to Vermont?
What was Alexe's nickname
What country were we in?
What did Jon see in Lonesome Lake?
What was Rick's nickname?
Who's mill was it?
What's the name of that 'Everybody Dance Now!' song?
What was in the quiches?--1
How much did Rick go in the water?
Do you think this is a game?
What is Vermont terrified of?
What's Bear Grylls' real name?
What did Dan and Alexe want to do?
What is Jon's nickname
What did Alexe lie about?
What's the most delicious?
What book did everyone read?
What did Dan buy his dad?
What did Jon buy his sister?
What evil mastermind did Alexe's family hang up?
Who is this Sporcle designed to piss off?

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