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Can you name the lyrics to Bo Burnham's 'I'm Bo Yo'?

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First WordsFinish the LyricLast Word (number of words)
Now I don't knowgays (5)
but they can probablyways (6)
Got a safeit (9)
A girl's likeit (8)
girl if you're intoswimming (6)
but girl don'twomen (10)
I spit firedemon (5)
My ****'ssteaming (7)
I'm gonna tarotgypsies (5)
You'll bleedellipses (6)
And if your pantsya (4)
You're a ya (7)
I'm Bo Yoever (4)
and I'llnot (9)
whethernot (5)
Don't needhot (3)
I'm a real G ShawtyG-Spot (5)
What theG-Spot? (2)
Go tothree (6)
Spin that****-tree (7)
That's rightwarned (2)
I'm offensiveporn (4)
You're playingma'am? (8)
You're pushingvein-diagram (5)
Look at thatgram? (7)
right belowham (7)
First WordsFinish the LyricLast Word (number of words)
First baseout (2)
Second baseout (3)
Third Baseout (3)
And I'd out (11)
But I care (8)
I said polar bear (10)
And you canstink (4)
B.O. lingersthink (4)
Cause I'mever (7)
And I'llnot (9)
Think You'renot (2)
Don't needhot (3)
I'm a real G shawtyG-Spot (5)
Provided thatdirection (6)
Cause girlsbo-nuts (7)
I can glaze (10)
I'm likeher (6)
Because I Patty Mayonaise (7)
I'm blowingwould (5)
I'm circumsizedhood (6)
My girl's with (7)
Come on youwith (8)
Oooohmachinery? (1)
Cause there's sex (6)
I'm talking aboutsect (6)
That says yousects (7)
First WordsFinish the LyricLast Word (number of words)
But you can'tsex (7)
So the same (8)
Then the onlyshame (6)
And girlgame (7)
and if name (9)
Cause I'mever (7)
and I'llnot (9)
Thinknot (3)
Don't needhot (3)
I'm a real G shawtyG-Spot (5)
but I'myet? (7)
My swings (6)
at therings (8)
play thesings (5)
if you want torings (6)
haters call hating (5)
cause I'm notstraight (4)
and if I'm me (7)
taking the homie (4)
Cause Yo (2)
And I'mever (3)
and I'llnot (8)
Think you're not (2)
Don't needwhat now? (11)
well I'm what? (2)
I'm representing01982 (7)

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