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Can you name the questions about the Matilda movie?

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Where were the school children sent as punishment by the head mistress?
What animal was left in the head mistresses glass of water
What is the full name of Matilda's father?
Name the television show that the Wormwoods were watching when Matilda blew up the television?
What is the full name of the boy that the head teacher forces to eat the huge chocolate cake infront of everyone?
What is the name of the girl that the head mistress throws into the field by her hair?
What is the name of the song when Matilda is making pancake?
What is the name of the Miss Honey's doll?
What colour is Matilda's bow that the head mistress found at her house?
What is the name of Miss Honey's father?
What is the name of the school that Matilda attends?
What is the full name of the head mistress?
What is the first thing Matilda moves with her mind?
When entering the head mistresses house, what did Matilda take from a small box, one of which was for her and the other for Miss Honey?
What is the full name of Matilda's brother?
What is the full name of Matilda's mother?

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