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'to put in place'
2 parts onion 1 part carrot 1 part celery
dimensions of julienne cut
dimensions of batonnet cut
dimensions of brunoise
three main types of leavening agents
three main types of leavening agents
threee main types of leavening agents
world's biggest ****!!!!
what must be combined with baking soda for leavening to occur
protein found in dough that gives it a stretchy or elastic quality
know what 'LOVE' is...
what type of yeast must be mixed with warm water before use
what temperature must water be to activate yeast
who would lucy rather sleep with judy or ceaser
converting carbs into carbon dioxide using yeasts
he is the **** man
what makes yeast bread rise
french word meaning to adorn or finish; edible decoration
garlic is a member of what vegetable family
what are legumes
large, bulbous root vegetables
what is the largest fruit crop in the world
how many men will lucy sleep with this summer
when will F.P.N.O 2 happen
outer peel of citrus fruit
what are two main color varieties of grapes
who is the world's largest grape producer
one large central seeded fruit, soft flesh, thin skin
what does lucy want to give chef jay judy
what is the ideal spacing for the items on a buffet

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