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Description of the characterName(s)
The main character
His basic training partner
The main character's sister
The main character's gay best friend
The mixture of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris
The main character's second girlfriend who loves lord of the rings
The boy who goes by the name 'Rat'
The girl who taught the main character to swim
The girl who dislike old people
The main character's fake brother in book 3
The girl who almost dies in the eighth book (because of stabbing )
The twin who did not complete basic training with the main character
The other twin
The boy who has a fear of heights
His little sister
Description of the characterName(s)
The son of Charles Henderson
The MI5 agent who works with Lauren and James frequently
The most hated training officer
The successor to the son of Charles Henderson
Her husband
Their eldest child
The main villain in the second book (Class A)
His son and daughter who are twins
The boy as the main character breaks out of jail in the third book (Maximum Security)
His mother
The athletics coach at CHERUB
The girl which the main character cannot stand
Her brother
The boy which the main character beats after having broken up with his girlfriend

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