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Can you name the last word=first word (mostly) things?

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Monument in NYC
Monument in Philadelphia
Midwest Auto Parts Chain
Defect that Causes Many Accidents
Legal Doctrine
Competition for Upper House of Congress
Jeff Gordon (for example)
Moderately Selling Game for PS1
MC Hammer Song
Something Many Americans Try to Do
Inhaling Cannabis (slang)
Pride and Prejudice (for example)
Unordinately Large Utensil for Mouth Cleaning
Close Call
Last Moments
Mattress Coverings
Excel document
Einstein Bros. Food (no cream cheese)
Frozen Food made by Heinz (Singular)
Expression of Discontent, or a Weird Al Song
Billie Holliday Song (redone by Beyonce)
...with my little eye
Mad Comic Series (and TurboGrafx-16 Game)
2001 Drama Directed by Tony Scott
2001 Album by Master P. (or what many players try to put on)
Very Personal Style of Fighting
1991 SNES Game featuring Bill Laimbeer
94'x50' Playing Surface
Former Station (now truTV)
Banquet Makes Them (singular)
Supper Carb
In-Line Skates
1988 Nintendo Game
2000 Biographical Film
Popular Cinema Times Service
What E.T. does...
Hip-Hop Group

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