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Can you name the dead wrestler in his last match?

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_______ with AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall
TNA Turning Point (Dec 5th, 2004) 
_______ vs. Orlando Jordan (for NWE Title)
NWE Summer Tour 08 (Jun 25, 2008) 
_______ vs. Masato Tanaka
WWE ECW One Night Stand (Jun 12th, 2005) 
_______ vs. The Patriot
WWE Shotgun Saturday Night (Sep 23rd, 1997) 
_______ with Jeff Jarrett vs. The Godfather & Val Venis
WWF Monday Night Raw (May 11th, 1999) 
_______ vs. Mr. Kennedy
WWE Smackdown! (Nov 8th, 2005) 
_______ vs. Elijah Burke
WWE ECW (Jun 19th, 2007) 
_______ vs. David Flair (axehandle on a pole match)
NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #26 (Jan 8th, 2003) 
_______ vs. Abullah The Butcher
3PW Year End Mayhem (Dec 28th, 2002) 
_______ vs. Jake Milliman
WWF Superstars Taping (Apr 23rd, 1987) 
_______ vs. Andre The Giant
WWF Superstars Taping (May 17th, 1989) 
_______ with Giant Baba & Rusher Kimura vs. Haruka Eigen, Masa Fuchi & Motoshi Okuma
AJPW Budokan Hall Show (Dec 4th, 1992) 

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