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What is Franklin's full name?
What start sign is Claire?
Who is Calvin Scott?
What is Betty White's characters name?
What is Jay's famous desert?
Where is the show set?
What is Michael's job?
What Jay's first job?
What is the name of Claire's main boyfriend?
Who is Michael's mortal enemy?
...played by?
What musical instrument does Junior use in his poetry reading?
Who do the Kyles run into at Tokahana?
What characteristic do people say Michael looks like?
How old is Franklin?
What does Clavin claim he always carries with him?
What is the name of Kady's hamster?
What job does Junior want?
Who is Michael's favorite basketball player?
What religion is Tony?
What celebrity afterparty do Claire and her friend think they get an invite to?
What part did Jay play in the Wizard of Oz?
What is the name of Michael's sister?
What kind of meat do the Kyle's take on their roadtrip?
Where do Michael and Jay offer Junior a trip to go to after graduation?
What flavor was the pie that Junior, Kady and Claire stole from Michael?
What occupation does Dr. Bouche have?
What was Larry's nana's favorite song?
What was Bobby Shaw's original job on the show?
What brand name are Michael's favorite jeans?
What was Kady's school play?
What is Vanessa's mother's name?
How many times do they leave Connecticut?
What do Michael, Junior, and Franklin turn the garage into?
What instrument does Franklin play?
What legendary dance move does Michael do in his dance battle with Bobby?
What is the color of the Kyle's living room?
What is the color of the Kyle's kitchen?
What martial arts move does Michael attempt to attack Calvin with?
Which season did the actress who plays Clare change?
What kind of modeling does Michael do?
Who builds Kady's jungle gym?
What is Tony's first name?
How many Wayne's brothers guest starred on the show including Damon?
Who is the actor who plays Michael's trainer?
What candy does Michael pronounce strangely?
Who ended up directing Kady's school play?
What injury does Michael fake?
Do Michael's parents have a good relationship?
What was the video that Michael accidentally taped a basketball game over?
What kind of truck does Calvin try to find when driving?

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