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1952arthur miller
who is the author?
what is the setting throught the story?
who does reverend parris find in the woods?
what are the girls doing in the woods?
who is sick?
what does everyone believe is wrong with betty parris?
who does abigail first accuse of being a witch?
what does tituba do when she gets accused of being a witch?
who does reverend parris send for?
what is reverend hale's 'job'?
who did abigail use to work for?
why does she no longer work for them?
now who works for the proctors?
why does john not go to church?
who is the comedic relief in the story?
what doesw martha corly do that makes giles not be able to pray?
who gets accused of witchcraft because pigs they sold keep dying?
what does marry worren give to elizebeth?
why does elezebeth get arrested?
why does elezebeth think this is all a lie on abigails part?
why does elizebeth think abigail wants her gone?
what does abigail accuse elizebeth of?
what happens to your farm land if you confess/deny to being a witch/wizzard?
who has enough money to buy lots of farm land?
why doesnt giles confess/deny to being a wizzard?
1952arthur miller
how does giles die?
whitch one of the girls does john proctor make confess?
what do the girls do in court to marry?
what does abigail and the girls clame marry is doing?
when marry becomes overwelmed who does she decide to blame?
what does marry blame john proctor of?
when john is asked to recite the ten commandments what one does he forget?
why is it ironic that he forgot that commandment?
how does john try to strighten things out in court?
what does john say elizebeth wont do?
what does elizebeth lie about?
when elizebeth lies bout john what doesnt she know?
why does elizebeth lie?
what does john not know about elizebeth?
what is the judges name?
who finds a dagger above their door?
when people start to think whitchcraft isnt real, why doesnt danforth want to believe it?
why doesnt reverend parris what to admet its all a lie?
who all wants john to confess?
why do danforth and parris want john to confess?
why does reverend hale want john to confess?
what does reverend hale tell john to get him to confess?
why do abigail and mercy decide to leave?
does john proctor confess?
does john proctor die?

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