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What is the capital of North Korea
What is the first book in the Bible called?
What is the southern-most capital in the world?
14 x 14?
Who was the first Roman emperor?
In what year did man first land on the moon?
Which Apollo mission was this?
Who wrote 'The Great Gatsby'?
Who plays Aragorn in the LOTR trilogy?
How do you say tree in French?
What is the most sold single of all time?
What is the capital of Wisconsin?
Name Saturn's largest moon.
Name an emperor from the 'The Year of Four Emperors'.
Who is the most expensive footballer of all time?
What year was the Battle of Britain?
Who directed the film '300'?
Which city did Princess Diana die in?
Where is Machu Picchu situated?
What is the capital of Peru?
What is the capital of Paraguay?
Which Venezeulan military leader helped Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela?
Who was the top goalscorer in the 1966 World Cup?
What is the chemical symbol for Potassium?
What is the group of elements including Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine known as?
What country was Albert Einstein born in?
Where did he die?
Who invented the world wide web?
Who was the last emperor of the western Roman empire?
What is the largest lake in the USA (by area) called?
What is the northernmost city in the UK?

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