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Can you name these figures from world history?

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Longest-serving president of France
First lady of Argentina, 1946-1952
Holocaust survivor who wrote 'Being There'
Cuban poet and patriot, killed in 1895
President of Mexico since 2012
Yugoslav diplomat and 1961 Nobel laureate
First king of Poland, crowned in 1025
Romanian sculptor of 'Bird in Space'
Czech satirist of 'The Good Soldier Ċ vejk'
Surrealist painter of 'The Persistence of Memory'
Reformist Czech leader during the Prague Spring
Edward Teller's partner in developing the H-bomb
Diarist and author of 'Delta of Venus'
Wallachian prince called 'the Impaler'
Mexican dictator overthrown in 1911
Electrician who received a 1983 Nobel Prize
Author of '2666' and 'The Savage Detectives'
First woman prime minister of Turkey
Poet who became the first president of Senegal
First post-Yugoslav president of Croatia
First president of Czechoslovakia
Composer of 'The Cunning Little Vixen'
'The Bartered Bride' composer
President of the Dominican Republic for 24 years
'Argonauts of the Western Pacific' author
Novelist of 'Jane Eyre' and 'Villette'
Prime minister of Turkey since 2003
'Blood Wedding' playwright, executed in 1936
Widow who succeeded Ferdinand Marcos
Founder of the Turkish republic
Oscar-winning director of 'Amadeus'
First Spanish woman to win a Wimbledon title
US national security adviser under Jimmy Carter
Composer of symphony 'From the New World'
Peruvian author of 'The Teachings of Don Juan'

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