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1966A family runs into a group of satanists.
1958Jeff tries to stop aliens who plan to ressurect zombies.
1964Jerry, his best friend and his girlfriend travel to a carnival with a dark secret.
1965An astronaut dissapears and a monster is on the loose, but then dissapears.
1964Martians kidnap Santa to stop their children's depression.
1990A family travels to Nilbog, where vegetarian goblins turn humans into plants and eat them.
1990A teenager and his middle-aged friend stop an evil cult.
2000A human stands up to evil Psychlo oppression.
1953An alien that looks suspiciously like a gorilla with a diving helmet conquers the world.
1957A puppet-like bird terrorizes the world.
1964A carpet-like alien eats people.
1962A caveman unthaws in the present, and wreaks havoc.
1961Tor Johnson stars as a Russian scientist who is turned into a horrible beast.

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