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HintNumber of Victims
Child-murderer, torture-killer, and rapist known as 'La Bestia' aka 'The Beast.' Convicted of killing 138 victims but suspected of murdering over 300 victims.138–300+
Child-murderer and rapist, convicted of killing 110 young girls but confessed to killing 300, exact total unknown. Known as 'The Monster of the Andes' and sentenced in 1983.110–300+
Killed 274 babies, confirmed after her death when their bodies were recovered from the River Thames. Estimated to have killed between 274 and 400 babies274+
Convicted of 15 murders and responsible for the deaths of 218 patients identified by inquiry but he is believed to have killed up to 250 people.250+
Known as the 'Blood Countess' or 'Blood Queen'. Total killings unknown, accusations pointed to between 100 and 700 victims but she is believed to have killed 200.100–200+
Russian noblewoman. Accused of up to 138 murders; found guilty of 38 murders.38–138
Thugee cult leader. Confessed to have personally murdered more than 125 victims and present at 931 murders perpetrated by his cult. 125
Euthanized more than 103 newborn children. As a maternity nurse she killed infants born to parents unwilling to care for them during the prohibition of abortion in Japan.103+
Child-murderer. Pakistan's most profuse killer, confessed to killing 100 children and convicted of the same number.100
The United States' most prolific serial killer; also known as The Green River Killer.90+

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