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You always want to go to bed after your sixth martini.
Don't scatter your ducks. Keep each in a row.
Can a dare to eat pop rocks with soda really be that harmful?
From on a couch is where the potato watches.
Is this Harry Potter wand a collector's item?
It was much ado about nothing.
The Irishman was always the palest in each picture.
Overgrown lawns desperately require landscaping.
This pain is absolutely killing me.
There was much I learned at Harvard.
You seen the new Jetta? I want it!
Don't ever call someone who asks for ransom a liar.
Give that guy an award!
The NY Jets lost due to dismal tackling.
The NY Mets lost due to dismal infield play.
There is no shame in dialing an escort service.
The barber shaved my hair and beard.
Forever I treasure the little things.
If I jiggle the handle, the running water will stop.
The blind pilot got an 'F' in landing skills.
In sixty-two years, I'll be ninety-four.
Failure can anger many people.
I told Charles we'd enter the contest.
When Olivia gets mad, a gas car blows up.
That castle doesn't need dragons; it needs a moat.
Has how you wear a baseball cap ever determined the outcome?
So how did being a Halloween ninja pan out?
Can someone tape Rush Hour 3 for me?
No man has ever peed and sneezed at the same time.
Houston gamblers have no place in Las Vegas.

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