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Can you name the Pgs.292-297 Enviromental Science?

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This approach increases meat productivity.
This is used to catch fish and shellfish.
Concentrations of particular aquatic species suitable for commercial harvesting in a given ocean area or inland body of water are called this.
Livestock grazing has damaged this percentage of stream and riparian ecosystems in the U.S.
These are lush strips of vegetation along streams or rivers.
This occurs when too many animals graze too long and exceed the carrying capacity of a grassland area.
These densly populated areas account for the increase in meat production.
These are managed grasslands or enclosed meadows.
These are grasslands in temperate and tropical climates.
This percentage of food is wasted.
Most of the world's potentially cultivable land lies in this type of area.
Edible insects are called this.
The amount of this type of land has been falling since 1978 and is projected to fall even more.
There is a lot of controversy over adding these to genetically engineered foods.
This New Guinea plant could be the next major staple crop.

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