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These produce about 85% of the world's nuclear-generated electricity.
These are moved in and out of the spaces between fuel assemblies in the core to absorb nuetrons.
This usually circulates through the core to remove heat and keeps certain items from melting.
After 15-60 years this must hapen to a nuclear reactor.
This is when U.S.utility companies began developing nuclear power plants.
These people paid for 1/4 of the cost of building the first group of commercial reactors.
No new nuclear power plants have been ordered since...
A major nucelar catastrophe that occured in 1986.
These groups regulate nuclear energy in The U.S. (2 acronyms).
Most high-level radioactive wastes are in these.
Dangerous area in Connecticut with potential for dangerous nuclear radiation.
Where many scientists suggest we put radioactive wastes? Not a very sound idea.
Site that will be built by 2015 for storage of nuclear waste.
These explosives are made dynamite and stolen radioactive material.
People argue that nuclear power plants make no sense_______.

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