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QUIZ: Can you name the final lines in movies which aren't in every other movie quotes quiz?

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'You know, they're totally irrational and crazy and absurd and..but, uh, I guess we keep goin' through it because, uh, most of us need the eggs.'
'He spoke of you, ma'am.'
'God bless America, my home sweet home. To Nicky.'
'You understand this is the bus to school now, don't you?' 'Of course, and you're Dorothy Harris, and I'm _______ ____.'
'Whatcha go to college? To get stupid? You're really stupid! Stupid!'
'Is that Mirabelle?' 'Annabelle.'
'People always say to me, 'When you get to the NBA, don't forget about me.' Well, I should've said back, 'If I don't make it to the NBA, don't you forget about me.'
'No matter where he is, I thought you should know what kind of man your father really was.'
'Anna Crowe... I am in love. In love I am.'
'Travis?' 'Yeah.' 'Maybe I'll see you again sometime, huh?' 'Sure.'

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