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Can you name the following facts about The Godfather trilogy?

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Which year saw the release of the first Godfather film?
Who directed all three Godfather films?
The Godfather was based on a best-selling novel by what Italian-American author, who co-wrote all three screenplays?
At which prestigious college did Michael Corleone meet his girlfriend and future wife Kay Adams?
What was the name of the horse whose head was placed in Jack Woltz’s bed?
What narcotics expert, nicknamed The Turk, conspires to have Vito Corleone killed?
What Sicilian pastry is Clemenza asked to get by his wife before he and Rocco kill Paulie Gatto?
The scene in which Sonny Corleone is assassinated was inspired by which Arthur Penn film?
Specifically, in which body part is Moe Greene fatally shot?
In which year was The Godfather Part II released?
What is Vito Corleone’s original last name?
What is the name of the (fictional) Nevada senator who tries to extort money from Michael regarding gaming licenses?
What is the last name of the brothers Frank Pentangeli asks for permission from Michael to kill?
Who is the don whose 1921 assassination expands Vito’s influence in Little Italy?
Who is the Jewish-American gangster who attempts to have Michael murdered in his Lake Tahoe home?
Which “king of the B movies” appears as a senator at the committee hearing on organized crime?
Which Corleone henchman executes Fredo Corleone at the end of the second film?
In which year was The Godfather Part III released?
Whose oft-criticized performance in the third Godfather film garnered a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actress?
Al Pacino appears in all three Godfather films. Who is the only other actor/actress to appear in all three Godfather films as a child of Vito Corleone?
What gangster arranges for the murder of Michael in Atlantic City?
What real-life Italian real estate and construction company which deals extensively with the Vatican does Michael attempt to purchase?
Who is the last person to die on screen in the Godfather trilogy (first and last name)?

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