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SWIHe was so slow that he seemed to be backing away.
CANOnly driver ever to be black flagged for being too slow
JAPHe ejected Albers at Imola : the FIA withdrew his super-license
AUSScored no points while team-mate won the championship
BRABeaten by Takagi the newbie, he's also known for an epic qualification during Monaco 98. Hilarity in the pits.
ITANobleman racer who bought himself some mid-90s F1 drives
JAPSimtek smasher in 94, he is also known to have been flipped over by a safety car in 95
SWIA wild reputation for big smashes was well deserved
ARGYoungster who exited F1 shrouded in mystery
USAThe most obscure F1 entrant ever. He was 29 seconds slower than the poleman in Canada 1967
POR13/13 DNPQs in a geriatric Coloni chassis
IREStatistics can deceive: the most DNQs without qualifying
ITAMost DNPQs in F1 history without ever making a grid…
COLDrove in unofficial practice, but never got a superlicence. He was murdered in 2009.
DENJackie Stewart thought he'd be a champion. Disillusionment…
JAP$$$ got him a drive with an awful Larrousse in 1994
ARGKept his cars on the road, but right at the back
MALStruggled through a turbulent year at Minardi
UKA Grand Prix debut consisting of 18 metres
ITAHe lost his credibility when he came back in 2009, with a ropy Ferrari
FRAActor's son had no hopes with the awful Pacific.
BELDesperate Lotus was badly in need of his cash. He was supported by strange political sponsors…
FRAHe was lapped while driving a Williams in 1988
USAAn F1 season proved forgettable for 'Spin and Win' king
FRAOnly claim to fame: initial tester of the in-car camera
ITA2 points in 111 races. You do the maths!
SWIOff the pace; never finished a race; sadly forgotten
INDTinpot HRT driver
ITASimtek, Pacific and Forti driver, he was slower than Badoer.
JAPWhile Panis was scoring big points, he was fighting in the middle of the pack
CANBrother of Gilles, but no link between them if we're talking about performance.
BELEvery team he drove for ran out of money
DENThis Minardi guy was as fast as Croesus
ITA'Red lantern' with the Simtek
ITAMost recent female racer couldn't qualify her Brabham
ITAThe pasta man's '90 season went steadily downhill
INDFinished 4th... in a 6th drivers race.
JAPAccording to Murray Walker, he was the 'best driver that F1 has ever produced'. Unthinkable !
ARGJerez 97 : he was blocking Villeneuve, remember ?

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