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Can you name the Italian F1 Drivers (1950-2013)

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25617 seasons of F1 !
2522004 Monaco GP winner
229He drove for Benetton, Renault ...
208'Ligier crasher', he never won.
194Fighting for the title in 1985
118Mostly drove for Minardi
108He died on the Ricard in 1986
93He drove for March, Ferrari ...
80He drove for F.India, Toro Rosso ...
76Mostly drove for Osella (only 2 pts)
76A helico crash stopped his career
74He drove for March, Surtees ...
70Underrated Brabham driver
69Mostly drove for Alfa Romeo
6790s middle-grid driver
64Nicknamed 'Droopy'
57Most remembered of his hat
5680s driver who scored 6 pts
51Bad-luck man who never scored !
49He was 2nd at Imola 1994
42He died in a crash at Monaco GP
41Amputated both his legs, in 2001
3880/90s 'end of grid' driver
37More success at Le Mans
3680s driver who scored 5 pts
331st F1 World Champion !
32Double World Champion (52-53)
3150s Ferrari driver
30Most remembered of his glasses
2450s Ferrari driver, 1 win
2160s Ferrari driver, 1 win
20Driving for the worst 90s teams
1850s Ferrari driver, 1 win
180 point for Minardi, no surprise !
17Better results in sportscar
152 podiums in the 50s
141 pole in the 50s
14He drove for Jordan in 2004
12Brother of Teo, 80s driver
12Only woman to have scored
121 point in the 50s
1060s Ferrari driver, 1 win
92 podiums in the 50s
9Crashed a mechano at Zolder 81
9Minardi pasta-man
8More hair than opportunities
74 points in the 50s
71 win in the early 50s
7Nobleman racer (1995-96)
7More success in GT series
790s 'end of grid' driver
7A witness to the Tom Pryce crash
72 podiums in the 50s
6A few races in 1992-93
650s Maserati driver
650s Maserati driver
55 races in the early 50s
53 points in the early 50s
41960 driver
4Died at Buenos Aires 1000km
460s driver
350s driver
31976 driver
3She drove for Maserati
3He died in 1961 at Modena
33 starts, 3 retirements
260s driver
2Early 50s driver
260s driver
2He died at Montreal 82
18 laps in Formula 1
1He drove for Ensign
1Early 50s driver
11 lap in Formula 1
1Early 50s driver
11 start at Monza 1993
1Early 60s driver
1Early 60s driver
1Early 60s driver
1Early 60s driver
150s driver
1Early 50s driver

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