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Lefuneste is his neighbour
Louise Bourgouin in the movie
Sci-fi by Leo
By Jacques Martin, during Rome era
A Gallic and his potion
Created in 1905 by Pinchon
Little boy by Peyo
US 50s, with animals
Famous duo by Edgar P. Jacobs
Serious western by Giraud
A kid and a cocker
Aviator by Charlier
Young boy, in love with Chen
By Tibet
Harold Wilberforce and his moustache
By Pratt
A big white dog
Fox & wolf, in a theatrical world
Sci-fi porno world, by Serpieri
Bad at school !
A blunderer by Franquin
A detective by Thillieux
Famous caliph
Young detective by Dodier
Some bikers
Nonchalant cop
Heroic fantasy by Arleston
Big cat by Gelluck
Blond reporter by J.Martin
Old genius
Famous 'Fluide Glacial' couple
Blue people by Peyo
During Civil War (Chesterfield and Blutch)
Lonesome cow-boy
Marsupial pet
F1 Driver
Prehistoric man
Reporter who works with cop Bourdon
Two aviators
Fantasy world of vikings
Two detectives : a bald and a bearded
Famous reporter by Hergé
Boy with blonde wick
Spin of Lanfeust
Besson did a movie on it
Inspired by XIII
Amnesic and tatooed
Indian kid
Japanese engineer

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