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Can you name the the worst openings for a film playing in over 3000 theatres?

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Year, DirectorFilmOpening Gross
2006, Will Shriner$3,368,197
2007, David L. Cunningham$3,745,315
2008, Brian Robbins$5,251,918
2011, Mark Mylod$5,421,669
2009, Karey Kirkpatrick$5,503,519
2004, Dennie Gordon$5,962,106
2002, Cathy Malkasian and Jeff McGrath$6,013,847
1998, Frederik Du Chau$6,041,602
2009, Robert Rodriguez$6,410,339
2009, David Bowers$6,702,923
2003, Tim Johnson and Patrick Gilmore$6,874,477
2010, Nanette Burstein$6,884,964
2011, Simon Wells$6,914,488
2011, Craig Gillespie$7,714,388
2006, Catherine Hardwicke$7,849,304
2009, John Schultz$8,008,423
2006, John A. Davies$8,432,465
2006, Todd Phillips$8,602,333
2011, Paul W.S. Anderson$8,674,452
2011, Brian Miller$8,704,271
2005, Adam Shankman$9,309,387
2011, Cameron Crowe$9,360,434
2003, The Farrelly Brothers$9,411,055
2008, Mathieu Kassovitz$9,484,627
2005, Mike Mitchell$9,626,287
Year, DirectorFilmOpening Gross
2007, Zach Helm$9,630,085
2011, Steven Spielberg$9,705,000
2009, Kevin Tancharoen$10,011,682
2011, Marcus Nispel$10,021,215
2008, Chris Carter$10,021,753
2007, Bob Shaye$10,024,819
2008, Sam Fell$10,103,675
2005, Wayne Wang$10,208,431
2008, Steven Brill$10,309,986
2000, Brian Levant$10,518,435
2011, John Singleton$10,925,253
2007, Robert Ben Garant$11,352,123
2005, Richard Linklater$11,382,472
2006, Gary Winick$11,457,353
2000, Roger Christian$11,548,898
2003, Norton Virgien and John Eng$11,556,869
2007, Frederik Du Chau$11,585,121
2009, Harold Zwart$11,588,150
2010, Tom Dey$11,599,661
2011, Robert Rodriguez$11,644,672
2010, Steve Antin$11,947,744
2006, John Whitesell$35,093,569
2004, Tim Story$12,029,832
2011, Andrew Nicool$12,050,368
2006, Liz Friedlander$12,051,277

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