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Can you name the Can you name the game or series where the weapons are from??

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Forced Order
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Sword of Legend, Cursed Sword 2, Staff of Snakes
Positron Rifle, Claihm Solais, Excalibur
Apparition Needle, Stardust Missile, Invitation from the Nether Side
Aeterna, Annoying Handy Stick, Mephistophar
Triad Thunder, Ray Splasher, Acid Blast
Crimson Edge, Unicorn's Horn, Razor Shaft
Sky Scorcher, Sol Chakram, Dragon Breath
Redeemer, Enforcer, GES BioRifle
Hyper Beam, Power Bomb, Super Missile
Supershot ST, HP Shout, Broom
Killer Edge, Rex Hasta, Luna
Chaos Gun, Planet Buster, Tachyon Bolts
L91 Pierce Laser Cannon, Vervack R59, GD-4
EmporSD, Tri-BW, LoyalRP
Omega Sword, No Name, Orcus Claw
Kokiri Sword, Din's Fire, Boomerang
Rolling Cutters, Thunder Beam, Super Arm
ZM Kar 3(g), MagsM20R, FoG 04
UV Beamers, Kelvinic Torpedo, Implosion Mine
Pulse Carbine, Haywire Bombs, Hellgun
Homerun Bat, Fire Flower, Pokeball
Bronze Fist, Kaiser Arm, Siren
Phasor, Stellar Converter, Merculite Missiles
Golden Gun, RCP-90, Remote Mine
Fafniel, Brunhild, Phlanka
King's Sword of Haste, Merciless Bow of Thunder, Archangel's Staff of Apocalypse
Heaven's Cloud, Blaze Gun, Rune Sword
Vulcan Laser, Hyper Sword, Back-wide Shot
Axe, Holy Water, Dagger
T-Rex's Bat, Fry Pan, Bionic Slingshot
Katar of Frozen Icicle, Combat Knife, Rod of Survival
Light of Cera Sumat, Executioner's Wife, +5 Longsword
Heavy Pulse Laser, Phase Torpedo Launcher, Ship-to-Surface Kinetic Bolts
Rapier Ex, Gungit HAG 35, Airghet-lahm B/V2
Ripple, Laser, Missile
Arclite Shock Cannon, Phase Disruptor, Kaiser Blade
Ultrachromatic Beam Generator, Zealot AA Missile, Loa Tactical Missile
Crowbar, Pheropod, Gravity Gun
Muspellheim, The 6-in-a-row, Clayshooter
Askandor, Mage Slayer, Unmaker

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