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Can you name the Quotes at John and Kumar's Lunch Table?

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''Wow Kumar, Wooow!'
'Hey Kumar look there's free Wi-Fi!'
'She isn't like anybody in this school!'
'Look at the way he eats his apple!'
'Hey Neil, did you make AP Baseball?'
'Why would we ditch Kumar if we're just gonna catch up with him later?'
'I stole A-Rod's milk, even though I'm fantasy lactose intolerant!'
'Hey, shut up ching chang chong!'
'Heeeyyy Vincent!'
'What's the science homework?'George Thomas
'You know back in the 3rd grade..'
'Wanna be friends?'
'Hey wassup homie I just got back from Camden!'
'You don't encourage him John! Just punch him square in the stomach!'
'I'm gonna slit your throat and put it on my mantle'
'Bushway, did you see the game last night? They were down and then wade made a three pointer! (or something along this nature)
'What are you talking about I was watching Monday Night Football!'
'Oh, I definitely got this one right! I drew a venn diagram!'
'All I wanna do next year is pitch, and catch!'
'Yeah, I like CBA. They have an Video Games club.
'Good job grant! Maybe next year, you can get an 1130!'
'Wait, are we ignoring Kumar?'
'He doesn't f**king understand..'
'Hey Kumar do you have a Mathbook instead of a Macbook?'

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