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QUIZ: Can you name the Classic American Heavy/Power/Speed/Progressive Metal bands?

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Metal To Infinity (1989.)
Raising Fear (1987.)
Ruler Of The Wasteland (1986.)
Transcendence (1988.)
Characters In Time (1988.)
Awaken The Guardian (1986.)
Time Will Tell (1989.)
Flight Of The Griffin (1984.)
Nothin' To Do But Rock (1986.)
Graceful Inheritance (1986.)
A Distant Thunder (1988.)
Ample Destruction (1984.)
Street Ready (1989.)
Menace To Society (1986.)
License To Kill (1987.)
Medieval Steel EP (1984.)
Methods Of Madness (1987.)
Warning Of Danger (1985.)
Rage For Order (1986.)
Fire Down Under (1981.)
A Crystal Vision (1987.)
Refuge Denied (1987.)
Master Of Disguise (1985.)
Sirens (1983.)
Target Earth (1988.)
Steel And Starlight (1987.)
Winner-Loser (1991.)
Legions Of The Dead (1985.)
Digital Dictator (1988.)
Only Time Will Tell EP (1986.)
Noble Savage (1986.)
Fighting For The Earth (1985.)
Heart Of A Killer (1993.)
Discipline Of Steel (1986.)
Rage Of Angels (1989.)
Overlorde EP (1987.)
Coming Out Ahead (1987.)
Heathen's Rage EP (1986.)
Too Late To Pray (1986.)
Winter Kill (1985.)

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