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Can you name the Classic 80's-early 90 's Thrash Metal Bands?

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Insult To Injury (1989.)USA
Envenom (1991.)JPN
Raging Steel (1987.)GER
Victims Of Deception (1991.)USA
History Of A Time To Come (1987.)UK
Serpent Temptation (1988.)USA
Reign In Blood (1986.)USA
Tales Of Terror (1985.)USA
Mayhemic Destruction (1986.)AUS
Kill To Survive (1988.)USA
Play God (1991.)USA
Unstoppable Force (1987.)USA
Force Recon (1988.)UK
Crossover (1987.)USA
Cruel Tranquility (1989.)USA
Torment In Fire (1985.)CAN
Absolute Power (1989.)USA
Arise (1991.)BRA
A Shedding Of Skin (1991.)GER
World Circus (1988.)USA
Speak English Or Die (1985.)USA
Join The Army (1987.)USA
Human Sacrifice (1989.)USA
Limits Of Insanity (1989.)BRA
Mass Illusion (1991.)BRA
Abominable Anno Domini (1987.)BRA
The Awakening (1990.)SWE
Malevolent Assault Of Tomorrow (1987.)GER
Persecution Mania (1987.)GER
Slaughter In The Vatican (1990.)USA
Initial Velocity (1988.)HOL
Power Of Darkness (1988.)GER
Escalation (1988.)GER
Midnight In Sodom demo (1988.)CRO
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Infernal Overkill (1985.)GER
Feel The Fire (1985.)USA
War And Pain (1984.)CAN
Enjoy The Violence (1991.)FRA
For Whose Advantage? (1990.)UK
Rather Death Than False Of Faith (1988.)UK
Weapons Of Our Warfare (1990.)USA
Victims Of Science (1989.)USA
Ignorance (1987.)USA
The Feast Begins At Dawn (1991.)HOL
Spectrum Of Death (1989.) USA
Choir Of Horrors (1991.)SWI
Solstice (1992.)USA
The Legacy (1987.)USA
Protected From Reality (1987.)GER
Retaliation (1987.)USA
Possessed By Fire (1986.)GER
None Shall Defy (1987.)CAN
Brain Damage (1988.)GER
Socialized Hate (1988.)USA
We Have Arrived (1985.)USA
Product Of Society (1989.)USA
Fantasy Or Reality (1987.) USA
Extraction From Mortality (1989.)USA
Seven Churches (1985.)USA
Mission Executed (1987.)BEL
Eternal Nightmare (1988.)USA
No More Color (1989.)SWI
The Upcoming Terror (1986.)GER
Black Metal (1982.)UK
Illusions (1988.)USA
Mental Slavery (1989.)BRA
Emerging From The Netherworlds (1990.)HOL
Gross Misconduct (1989.)USA
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Hobbs' Angel Of Death (1987.)AUS
Fistful Of Metal (1984.)USA
Hellish Crossfire (1985.)GER
Pleasures Of The Flesh (1987.)USA
Endless War (1988.)USA
The Force (1986.)UK
Ordered To Kill (1986.)USA
Master Of Puppets (1986.)USA
Twisted Into Form (1990.)USA
Decameron (1992.)USA
Strappado (1987.)CAN
Violent Restitution (1988.)CAN
Rust In Peace (1990.)USA
Bathory (1984.)SWE
Why Play Around? (1988.)USA
Ritually Abused (1988.)USA
Kill For Pleasure (1987.)USA
The Dark (1986.)USA
When The Storm Comes Down (1990.)USA
Handle With Care (1989.)USA
After The Battle (1991.)USA
Alice In Hell (1989.)CAN
The Experience Of Horror (1991.)GER
Tortured Existence (1990.)USA
Terror Squad (1987.)DEN
I.N.R.I. (1987.)BRA
Terrible Certainty (1987.)GER
Terrorist Attack demo (1985.)USA
Annihilation Of Civilization (1989.)USA
Taste Of Blood demo (1986.)AUS
Annihilation Principle (1989.)USA
Fatal Exposure (1992.)BEL

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