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Test of GeniusResult of GeniusChapter
What do you need to change something?4
What is energy in the form of motion?4
What is the SI unit of energy?4
What is energy stored in an object?4
Which has more potential energy, a rock rolling down a hill or a roller coaster at the top of a cliff?4
When an object is heated, do it's particles move faster or slower?6
What two types of energy do you add together to get thermal energy?6
The amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 Kg of a substance by 1 degrees Celsius is called what?6
Conduction and Radiation are both ways to transfer thermal energy, what is the third way?6
What is a material that doesn't let much heat through it called?6
Do opposite charges attract or repel?7
What does not pass through insulators easily?7
What do electrons pass through easily?7
What likes Abe Lincoln and is a good conductor?7
What does a dry cell use to generate energy?7
What does an electrical current flowing through a wire create?8
We use dams to turn what to create electricity?8
How many directions does a direct current flow?8
How many directions does an alternating current flow?8
Magnets don't have east and west poles, instead they have what two types of poles?8
What holds protons and neutrons together in a an atomic nucleus?9
What is the emission of energy or particles from an unstable nucleus is called?9
A decaying nucleus emits alpha and beta particles, what is the third type of particle that can be released?9
What is the amount of time it takes for half of the atoms in a radioactive substance to decay called?9
What tool is used to detect radioactivity?9
If waves don't transfer matter, what do they transfer?11
Test of GeniusResult of GeniusChapter
One type of mechanical wave is compressional, what is the other type?11
What is the highest point on a mechanical wave called?11
What does the wavelength do as the frequency increases?11
What is it called when two waves overlap and create a new wave?11
What type of wave is sound?12
What measures how much energy a wave carries?12
What happens to the pitch of a wave as the frequency increases?12
What is the effect that describes the change in frequency of a sound as it's distance changes from the receiver?12
What uses reflected sound waves to detect objects?12
What are the lowest frequency EM waves called?13
Gamma Rays are one of the highest frequency waves in the EM spectrum, what is the other highest?13
What are the two carriers for radio waves?13
When FM and AM waves are combined what is produced?13
What does GPS stand for?13
Since light behaves like a wave, it can be what?14
What is one of the primary colors?14
What in your eyes helps you see in dim light?14
What element is the filament inside of a light bulb made of?14
What happens when an electrical current flows through a sealed tube of neon gas?14
What object reflects light and curves inward?15
What object causes light to become wide once it passes though it?15
What object causes light to meet at a focal point after it passes through it?15
If you are farsighted what type of lens should you buy?15
If you are nearsighted what type of lens should you buy?15
Who has should get the best grade possible on this extra credit attempt?

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