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The word 'bump' was invented by which English author?
What was the first state to recognize Christmas as a state holiday?
How many paved runways for airplanes are there in Zimbabwe?
Which country has the highest percentage of churches per square mile?
Approximately how many quarter-pounder hamburgers can be made from one cow?
Which is the only island in the Caribbean to have a railroad?
What is the most common first-last name combination in Italy?
What is the only TV show in the US without a theme song/music?
How many dots are in a standard PAC-MAN game?
What is the national dog of the Netherlands?
Which flag is on the Canadian two-dollar bill?
How many verses are in the national anthem of Greece?
What is the Romaji word for 'no?'
Which word in the English language has the most definitions?
What is a group of musical glasses called (no, this is not a joke)?
How many children did Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II father?
What is the highest amount one can win on the show 'Jeopardy?'
What is the only country in the world to not have a rectangular flag?
How long is the Amazon river (in miles)?
The most common name in the world is what?
Approximately how many pitches does an average baseball last?
According to Norwegian scientists, why is Rudolph's nose red?
On average, how many acres of pizza do Americans eat every day?
Who was the first US president to be born in a hospital?
For how long can a snail sleep?
Impossible QuestionAnswer
A stamp has approximately how many calories?
What is the element with the atomic number 89?
Icelanders consume more of which beverage per capita than any other nation?
What is the only planet in the Solar System to rotate clockwise?
'Give large space to the festive dog that makes sport in the roadway' is a common road sign in which country?
What is Barbie's full name?
What is the official dialing code for Antarctica?
What was the name of John Lennon's first girlfriend?
What is a person from Cyprus called?
What is the past-tense form of the word 'Dare?'
What is the only state in the USA to produce coffee?
What is the most popular name for a boat?
How many sheep does an island need to sustain in the Hebrides?
What is the No. 1 tire manufacturer in the world?
Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the fear of what?
What is the terminal velocity of a moth?
What is the book most commonly stolen from libraries?
What is the full name of the city of Los Angeles, CA?
What is the world record for longest watermelon-seed spit?
Who invented scissors?
Who is the King of Hearts modeled after?
How many impressions are there on a standard golf ball?
What was Cher's last name at birth?
What is a person who is interested in gossip called?
What is a group of hares called?

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