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Has a youtube show called Equals Three
Either of the two lead actors on The Big Bang Theory
Puerto Rican actor who played Gomez Addams in the feature films
Benedict's predecessor
Any *NYSNC member that fits the quiz
Largest city in South Africa
Home to almost 10,000,000 people; formally called Batavia
Really loves apple pie
Usain Bolt's home country
New Jersey's second largest city
Lead Actor Academy Award Winner- The only 'J' to win (last name)
Amman or Michael
Died on June 25th 2009
Transformed Rome into an empire; Title character of a Shakespearean play
Has children who were born in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Namibia, Vietnam and France
3rd U.S. President
Doesn't die at the end of John Tucker Must Die
Ian Fleming's most famous creation
A major city for Christians, Jews and Muslims
Home of Sumo Wrestling and Pokemon

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