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Can you name the #101-200 People of the Millenium?

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RankPersonNationality and Achievement
101French Crusader and Inventor
102German Aviation Pioneer
103German Monk and Alchemist
104Austrian Geneticist
105German Inventor
106French Political Thinker and Social Commentator
107Dutch 'Father of Microbiology'
108Swiss Physician, Botantist and Alchemist
109German Mathematician and Scientist
110Scottish Inventor and Engineer
111Irish Physicist and Engineer
112Italian Poet and Scholar
113American Civil War General
114Prussian/German Military Theorist
115Spanish Founder of the Jesuits
116Japanese Samurai and Statesman
117Spanish Queen
118German Chancellor and Prussian Minister-President
119English Chemist and Physicist
120English Nurse
121American Behaviorist, Philosopher and Author
122British Surgeon and Pioneer of Antiseptic Surgery
123American Molecular Biologist
124American Evolutionary Biologist
125Portuguese Explorer
126Kurdish Sultan of Egypt and Syria
127English Political Economist
128New Zealander Father of Nuclear Physics
129Italian Painter and Architect
130French Philosopher and Sociologist
131German Writer and Polymath
132Spanish Jewish Philosopher and Torah Scholar
133Italian Architect
134Polish President
RankPersonNationality and Achievement
135American Inventor
136German Founder of Quantum Theory
137English Theologian and Natural Philosopher
138Russian Empress
139American Women's Rights Activist
140German Car Engineer
141American First Lady
142Irish Philosopher, Chemist and Inventor
143English Civil and Mechanical Engineer
144French Mathematician and Physicist
145American Film Director
146Swiss Psychiatrist
147English Mathematician and Philosopher
148Indian Emperor
149Spanish Painter and Sculptor
150Spanish Conquistador
151English Political Philosopher
152Persian Scholar and Theologian
153Portuguese Prince
154French Actress
155Swiss Architect and Artist
156French Inventor of Photography
157Bosnian-Serb Assassin
158Dutch Post-Impressionist Painter
159Italian Renaissance Painter
160American Architect
161Persian Physician and Philosopher
162English Military Leader and Lord Protector
163French Poet and Playwright
164Andalusian Philosopher and Theologian
165German Composer and Conductor
166Dutch Philosopher of Law
167Norwegian Playwright
168English Author
RankPersonNationality and Achievement
169American Scientist and Inventor
170Egyptian President
171Irish Author
172French Scholar, Philosopher and Theologian
173Ottoman Sultan and Founder of the Ottoman Empire
174French Machinist and Developer of the Loom
175French Playwright and Actor
176Italian Artist
177French King
178American Father of Modern Rocketry
179Austrian Politician
180Irish Conservative Philosopher
181Ottoman/Turkish Army Officer and President
182British Author and Literary Critic
183Russian Composer, Pianist and Conductor
184English Novelist (Pen Name)
185Scottish Philosopher, Historian and Economist
186German Renaissance Painter
187Indian Theologian and Philosopher
188American Novelist (Pen Name)
189Chinese Emperor (Longest)
190American Political Philosopher and Secretary of the Treasury
191Hungarian Princess and Catholic Saint
192Russian Playwright
193Japanese Intellectual and Contributor to the Meiji Restoration
194English Explorer of the South Pacific
195Mexican President
196French Impressionist Painter
197English Novelist
198Spanish Priest, Catholic Saint and Patron Saint of Astronomers
199Dutch Painter
200French Inventor of Canned Food

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