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Forced Order
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The Blue Flowers; Exercises in Style; drag-ballerina Gabriel performs the 'Dying Swan' in a famous work turned into a movie by Louis Malle
The Pigman
'Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow'; 'EPICAC'; novel subtitled 'The Autobiography of Rabo Karabekian (1916-1988)'; char.: spirit of Leon Trotsky Trout
Culex ('The Gnat'); Lydia; 'Priapus Poems'
Love and Pedagogy; 'The Madness of Dr. Montarco'; founder of Spain's Generacion del 98
Essays in Idleness
(alt. spelling); Escape to Hell and Other Stories; The Green Book; was a 'Brotherly Leader'; was really hot when he was young
The Well-Curb; The Damask Drum; Wind in the Pines
The Islanders; 'The Fisher of Men'; novel: 'irrational number' of love infects D-503
Myra Breckinridge
The Way to Paradise; novel: cadets at the Leoncio Prado Academy; novel: racist dwarf works w/ narrator at Radio Panamericana, which shows soap operas of Pedro Comacho
The Story of B; Ishmael; shares full name with fictional novelist in Auster's City of Glass
The Roots of Reference; developed namesake 'indispensability thesis' with Putnam; Word and Object
L'Assommoir; La Bête humaine
'Death Constant Beyond Love'; Los Suenos (or Dreams); rival of Gongora; master of conceptismo; The Life of a Scoundrel
'Sketch of a Serpent'; 'The wind is rising!...We must try to live'...'Break, waves! Break up with your rejoicing surges/This quiet roof where sails like doves were pecking'
The Rosicrucian Enlightenment; The Art of Memory; Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition
Liars in Love; A Good School; Disturbing the Peace; characters: Frank and April Wheeler
'An Irish Airman Foresees His Death'; 'Leda and the Swan'
Le Despotisme de la Chine; 'Tableau économique'; leader of the Physiocrats
Letters on the English; title character of a novel has the Manichaean valet Martin and argues about Plato and Milton with Signor Pococurante
The Sublime Object of Ideology; Contingency, Hegemony, Universality (w/ Butler and Laclau); Did Somebody Say Totalitarianism?; The Pervert's Guide to Cinema
A Refutation of Luther's Sermon Against Vain Enthusiasm; Swiss Reformation dude
'Pigeon Feathers'; 'Packed Dirt, Churchgoing, A Dying Cat, A Traded Car' narrated by the character David Kern; created famous character who sells MagiPeelers
'Autumn Song' begins 'The long sobs/Of the violins/Of Autumn/Wound my heart/With a monotonous/Langour'; 'It Rains in My Heart...'; Romances without Words
De architectura (Ten Books on Architecture)
The Haj; Armageddon: A Novel of Berlin; Trinity; publication of one of his novels forced Heller to change Catch-18 to Catch-22
'Regeneration'; 'The World'; Sassoon wrote 'here sleeps the Silurist; the loved physician' in his poem 'At the Grave of [this metaphysical poet]'
The Sphinx of the Ice Fields; The Adventures of Three Russians and Three Englishmen in South Africa; novel: Cyrus Smith is stranded on island hideout of Prince Dakkar
The Future of Freedom; managing editor of Newsweek who hosts CNN talk show called Global Public Square
'Burning Secret'; Dr. B can split his personality into I (White) and I (Black) and defeats reigning champion Mirko Czentovich at a particular game while on a cruise liner
Cyropaedia; The Ephesian Tale
Sunken Oboe; 'The False and True Green'; 'The Incomparable Land'; 'Life Is Not a Dream'
On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts; On the Knocking at the Gate in Macbeth; Suspiria de Profundis
The Five Orders of Architecture; frequent collaborator with Michelangelo who designed the Villa Farnese at Caprarola and the Villa Giulia

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