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Forced Order
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A Hero of Our Time
Systema Naturae
introduced the 'bystander effect' (w/ Darley)
Primitive Religion; Culture and Ethnology; The Crow Indians
The Personal Heresy (w/ E. M. W. Tillyard); Perelandra; Out of the Silent Planet
The Phantom of the Opera
A Treatise on Painting (or Codex Urbinas) -- manuscripts gathered by Francesco Melzi around 1542
Call for the Dead; The Constant Gardener; response to the exposure of the Cambridge Five fictionalized in another novel
Les Érinnyes (included in Poèmes tragiques); Poèmes antiques; Poèmes barbares; 'The Girl with the Flaxen Hair'
'What is to be Done?'; April Theses
A Sand County Almanac
Laboratory Life (w/ Woolgar); We Have Never Been Modern
The Vision of Sir Launfal; The Biglow Papers; A Fable for Critics
'True, a new mistress now I chase' appears in one of his poems; another poem states 'Stone walls do not a prison make, / Nor iron bars a cage'
Athens Charter (manuscript on urban planning); modulor system; Toward an Architecture
Endymion; inspired 'euphuism'
How Green Was My Valley
'Aubade'; 'Church Going'
Sister Outsider; The Cancer Journals; Zami: A New Spelling of My Name
The Divided Self; The Politics of Experience and the Bird of Paradise; Self and Others
Geoffrey Firmin ponders, 'Was this the face that launched five hundred ships, and betrayed Christ into being in the Western Hemisphere?' in most famous work
'An Incident'; 'Medicine'; Call to Arms; title person in another work sees the command 'Eat people!' b/w lines of text
'Christ's Hospital'; 'A Dissertation on Roast Pig'; 'The Praise of Chimney Sweepers'
The Production of Space; Critique of Everyday Life
Just Games; 'incredulity toward metanarratives' caused by The Postmodern Condition
Briefing for a Descent into Hell; Martha Quest
'Snake'; wrote two novels about the Brangwen sisters; Kate Leslie and Aztec cult leader Don Cipriano appear in a work written while in New Mexico
A Shadow Over Innsmouth; At the Mountains of Madness
On the Bondage of Will; On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church; On the Jews and Their Lies
'The Golden Honeymoon'; 'Alibi Ike'; You Know Me Al; How to Write Short Stories
Voltaire parodied him as Pangloss in Candide
The Monkey's Wrench; If Not Now, When?; The Drowned and the Saved; famous work has chapters titled 'Lead' and 'Tin'
The Great Chain of Being
Folk Song Style and Culture; Folk Songs of North America
The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in the Age of Diminishing Expectations
'La Dorotea'; super-duper-prolific Spanish playwright in 17th c.
Écrits; seminars edited by Jacques-Alain Miller; 'variable-length psychoanalytic sessions'; objet petit a; 'the Real'; 'mirror stage'
Tales of Pirx the Pilot; The Cyberiad
Principles of Geology
'Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight'
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
A Letter Concerning Toleration; The Reasonableness of Christianity
Chronic City; another novel features Dylan Ebdus and is titled after the headquarters of Superman
Primitive Mythology; How Natives Think (not Sahlins)
'Mezzo Cammin' inspired by his translation of the Divine Comedy; Hyperion, a Romance
The Lowland; 'Sexy'
'Gebir'; collection includes the series Dialogues of Literary Men, Dialogues of Famous Women, and Classical Dialogues
Last of the Breed; Hondo; How the West Was Won; French-Canadian author of westerns
Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things; authored a famous work w/ Mark Johnson
Land of Unlikeness; 'Waking in the Blue'; 'Christmas Eve Under Hooker's Statue'; The Old Glory
Tristes Tropiques; title of another work also means 'wild pansies' in French
Soul and Form; History and Class Consciousness
The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

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