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Forced Order
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Finn Family Moomintroll
The Pillars of Society; Emperor and Galilean
Metaphors We Live By (w/ Lakoff)
The 158-Pound Marriage; Setting Free the Bears
Loa to Divine Narcissus; The Dream; 17th c. Spanish nun in Mexico
The Coal Question; The Theory of Political Economy; led the Marginal Revolution
Life Among the Savages; Raising Demons; Tessie Hutchinson is stoned to death in her most famous short story
Essays in Radical Empiricism; The Will to Believe
Lovers' Vows
popularized the term 'asabiyah' in his Muqadimmah
Farther Off from Heaven; Bo Decker appears in another work
Speculum of the Other Woman; This Sex Which Is Not One; Belgian feminist; not Kristeva or Cixous
No One Belongs Here More Than You; Me and You and Everyone We Know (screenwriter, actor, director)
The Black Coat; Bangladeshi-Canadian
The Tower Beyond Tragedy; 'Roan Stallion'; The Women at Point Sur; Tamar
The Lives of the Poets
Against the Sophists; Panathenaicus; Panegyricus
Rihla; 14th c. Moroccan explorer
Vulgate Bible
'Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes'; Bartholomew Fair
'To the Laodiceans' (in Poetry and the Age); Little Friend, Little Friend; The Woman at the Washington Zoo
A Sport Play; Greed; The Children of the Dead (Die Kinder der Toten); Austrian Nobel Laureate
A Pale View of Hills; An Artist of the Floating World
Po-on; My Brother, My Executioner; (both in Rosales Saga); Filipino author who wrote in English
developed concept of the Axial Age in The Origin and Goal of History; Philosophy of Existence
The Awkward Age; 'The Beast in the Jungle'
A White Heron
Systems of Survival; The Question of Separatism; 'ballet of the sidewalks' and Orthodox Urbanism described in most famous work
'A Little Cloud'; 'A Painful Case'; 'Ivy Day in the Committee Room'
'Emergency'; 'Work' (narrated by F***head)
The Whale Rider (Maori author)
Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician; another work is about the leader of the Palcontents, a Count of Sandomir who is convinced to assassinate King Wenceslas
idea for one of his plays came while the he was attempting to learn English with the Assimil method; Smiths, Martins, and the Fire Chief appear in that play
Symbols of Transformation; Answer to Job; Psychology of the Unconscious
The World in the Evening; Sally Bowles appears in a novel often collected alongside Mr Norris Changes Trains and was the initial basis of Cabaret
added 'phatic' and 'metalingual' in an expansion of B├╝hler's Organon-Model of communicative functions; Preliminaries to Speech Analysis (w/ Fant & Halle); in the Prague School
The Russian Album; Scar Tissue; Opposition Leader and Leader of the Liberal Party in Canada under Steven Harper
Children of Men; Adam Dalgliesh detective novels

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