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Blue (Moby Dick) (1943)Vik Muniz's Action Photo, after Hans Namuth, depicts him
The Blue Cloak (1559)painting has more famous name; apparently title scene indicates cuckolding; other scenes show a dude 'armed to the teeth' and someone 'banging his head against the wall'
Der Blaue Reiter (1903)
Blue Nude: Memory of Biskra (1907); Blue Nude II (1952)
The Blue Rigi, Sunrise (1842)also did some sublime Snow Storms
Tower of Blue Horses (1913)title relevant in several ways
Woman in Blue Reading a Letter (1663-64)
Large Blue Anthropometry (1960)IKB
The Blue Boy (1779)
Blue is the Color of Your Eyes (2008)giant spider!
The Blue Guitar: Etchings by (artist) Who Was Inspired by Wallace Stevens Who Was Inspired by Pablo Picasso (1977)swapped the name Blanche for Percy in another painting
Mural with Blue Brushstroke (1986)Ohhh... Alright...
Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque) (1616)same 'surname' as first word in Isma'ili honorific for imams (which also names an architectural prize) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Aqua Table (2000s)NYRB lawsuit
Blue Movie (1969 film)
The Blue Circus (1950)goats à la klezmorim?
Blue on Centre (1984)coyote

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