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'ancient ____'The Prologue
'new ___'The Prologue
'___-____ lovers'The Prologue
'but their children's end, ____ could remove'The Prologue
'O brawling love, O ____ ___'Romeo
'_____'s arrow'Romeo
'precious _____'Romeo describing Roseline
'Like a __ ____ in an Ethiop's ear'Romeo describing Juliet
'Did my ____ love till now?'Romeo
'My lips, two blushing ____'Romeo
'dear ___, let lips do what hands do'Romeo
'Juliet is the __'Romeo
'bright ___'Romeo
'winged ______ of heaven'Romeo
'I ___ the stars'Romeo
'thus with a ___ I die'Romeo
QuoteAnswerExtra Info
'___-____ fury be my conduct now'Romeo
'It is too rash, too unadvised, to ____'Juliet
'__ of my idolatry'Juliet
'little ___'Juliet
'face of ____ so fine'Juliet
'I have an __-______ soul'Juliet
'As one dead in the bottom of a ___'Juliet
'that which we call a ___ By any other name would smell as sweet'Juliet
'O' happy ___'Juliet
'Am I the ____ here, or you?'Lord Capulet
'I think she will be ruled in all _____ by me'Lord Capulet
'you green-sickness carrion! out, you baggage! You ___-___'Lord Capulet
'Death lies on her like an ____ ___'Lord Capulet
'sweetest ____'Lord Capulet
'These ____ delights have ____ ends'The Friar

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