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'pink and ____'Stage Direction - Lighting
'brighter and ____'Stage Direction - Lighting
'a heavy-looking, rather _____'Stage Direction - Arthur Birling
'If we were all responsible... it would be very _____'Arthur Birling
'A man has to mind __ own business'Arthur Birling
'there isn't a chance of war... the Titanic... ____, absolutely ____'Arthur Birling
'come down sharply on some of ____ people'Arthur Birling
'By Jingo! A ___!'Arthur Birling
'all that _____'Arthur Birling
'I've got to ____ this up as soon as I can'Arthur Birling
'There'll be a _____ ______'Arthur Birling
'cold woman and her husband's ____ ____'Stage Direction - Sybil Birling
'girls of ____ ____'Sybil Birling
'one of the things that ______ me against her case'Sybil Birling
'I did nothing I'm _____ of'Sybil Birling
'I don't _____ __. I won't ____ __'Sybil Birling
'But these girls aren't cheap labour - they're ____'Sheila Birling
'It was my own ____' Sheila Birling
'I'll ____, ____ do it again to anybody'Sheila Birling
QuoteAnswerExtra Info
'But you're beginning all over again to pretend nothing much has _______'Sheila Birling
'you two who are being ____ - trying not to face the facts'Sheila Birling
I felt _____ about it at the time and now I feel a lot worseSheila Birling
'it ____ me the way you talk'Sheila Birling
'well-bred young ___-____-____'Stage Direction - Gerald Croft
'we're _____ citizens and not criminals'Gerald Croft
'Everything's all right now Sheila. Now, what about this ___?'Gerald Croft
'makes all the _____'Gerald Croft
'half shy, ___ _____'Stage Direction - Eric Birling
'It's about time you learnt to face a few _____'Arthur to Eric Birling
'My God - I'm not likely to ____'Eric Birling
'you ____ her'Eric Birling to his Mother
'I'm ______ of you as well'Eric Birling
'we'll have to share our ___'Inspector Goole
but there are _____ and _____ and _____ of Eva Smiths'Inspector Goole
'We don't live ____'Inspector Goole
'We are ____ of one body'Inspector Goole
'We are responsible for ____ ____'Inspector Goole
'they will be taught in fire and blood and ____'Inspector Goole

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