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Can you name the The Lord of the Nitais - The Return of Joey?

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Forced Order
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Hi my name is ____-tie
I go to this university
Where I show my school spirit by playing this sport
My family and I live in this district
close to this pizza place
My parents are awesome. Some say I have two _____
Even though he lives far away in Boston, he is still their pride and joy
You can usually find me with my girlfriend
or this asthmatic, polio inflicted child
In his basement where we play:
I spent my last summer at this camp
and took on this position
I currently work at this tea shop
Where I aspire to be this man from a secretly amazing cartoon with fire-benders etc.
You may often hear me say a '_____ _____' that may or may not be true
for ex: this vegetable has the highest water content of all other fruits and vegetables
I claim to be a fan of this hockey team
but am actually a fan of this team
If you were a pirate you wouldn't want to fight me because I extremely good at this 'sport/activity'
My hair was once this color

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