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Who is the President of the United States of America?
we thought it was only necessary to put something random in here since it was a miscellaneous q 
What is the money paid to employee's for there service?
A federal tax paid for hospital insurance?
The total earnings paid to an emplayee after payroll taxes and other deductions?
A federal tax paid for old-age, survivors, and disability?
The amount that is due on the maturity date of a note?
Liabilities due within a short time, usually within a year?
The person or business to whom the amount of a note is payable?
The interest accrued n money borrowed?
The original amount of a note?
The interest earned on money loaned?
promissory notes signed by a business and given to a creditor?
A note that is not paid when due?
Promissory notes that a business accepts from customers?

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