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Can you name the Doctor Who Monsters and enemies?

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First appearanceMonster
Love and monsters
Partners in crime
The curse of Pedalon
The curse of Pedalon
Full circle
The Two Doctors
The Doctor, the widow and the wardrobe
The horns of Nimon
Planet of evil
The curse of Pedalon
The chase
The Eleventh hour
Spearhead from space
The claws of axos
Invasion of the Bane
Delta and the Bannerman
The mark of the Beserker
The keys of Marinus
Death comes to time
The Shakespeare code
New Earth
The Faceless ones
Delta and the Bannerman
The Time monster
Attack of the Cyberman
The Next Doctor
The tomb of the Cybermen
The Next Doctor
Evolution of the Daleks
The Daleks
Genesis of the Daleks
The power of Kroll
The Dæmons
The Rescue
Frontier in Space
Galaxy 4
Carnival of monsters
The dominators
Amy's Choice
Human Nature
New Earth
The waters of Mars
The leisure Hive
The Rebel flesh
The twin dilemma
The unquiet dead
The Green Death
Planet of the spiders
The Krotons
State of Decay
First appearanceMonster
The curse of Fenric
The Girl who waited
The Doctor's daughter
A Good man goes to war
The face of evil
Voyage of the damned
The Ice warriors
Fear Her
City of death
The long game
Smith and Jones
The power of Three
The hand of fear
Vincent and the Doctor
School Reunion
The power of Kroll
The Krotons
The seeds of doom
Carnival of Monsters
The Macra terror
Nightmare of Eden
Full Circle
Full Circle
Terror of the Autons
The Time Meddler
The Web planet
The Pirate planet
Vengeance on Varos
The God Complex
The chase
Terror of the Vervoids
The Space Museum
Destiny of the Daleks
The eleventh hour
Pyramids of mars
Warriors of the deep
The paradise of death
Spearhead from space
The Stones of Blood
Day of the Daleks
The life bringer
The impossible planet
The web planet
The power of three
Pyramids of Mars
The mutants
The doctor's wife
The curse of Peladon
Night Terrors
Daleks in Manhattan
Smith and Jones
Amy's choice
Invasion of the dinosaurs
First appearanceMonster
The fires of Pompeii
The runaway Bride
Father's Day
Horror of Fang Rock
The Vampires of Venice
The Savages
Human Nature
The Sea Devils
The Murder game
The Sensorites
Scream of the Shalka
The impossible astronaut
The Silurians
The curse of the Black spot
The Horns of Nimon
A Christmas Carol
Aliens of London
The Beast Below
The Mutants
The Last Sontaran
Planet of the Daleks
The Beast Below
The Happiness patrol
Planet of the Dead
The Christmas Invasion
The androids of Tara
Night terrors
The visitation
Full Circle
Let's Kill Hitler
Time and the Rani
Warriors' Gate
Turn Left
The sound of drums
The keeper of Traken
Planet of fire
Four to Doomsday
The Sun Makers
Warriors of Kudlak
Silver Nemesis
The invasion of time
Mission to the unknown
Vengeance on Varos
Silence in the Library
Prisoner of the Judoon
Terror of the Vervoids
The Unicorn and the Wasp
The Daleks' master plan
The keys of Marinus
The greatest show in the galaxy
The Ark in Space
The Web planet
Terror of the Zygons

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