QUIZ: Mixed Trivia

Can you answer these mixed-category trivia questions?

In which city would you find Christ the Redeemer?
Auckland is a city in which country?
Manhattan, Queen's, The Bronx, Staten Island and which other borough makes up New York City?
Which famous landmark makes it onto Cambodia's national flag?
What is the most populous city in South Africa?
Which South Park character completes the phrase 'Oh my god, they killed _____!'?
Which British sports programme is usually presented by Gary Lineker?
Which ITV news broadcaster has the same surname as a popular fast food chain?
Who won the UK X-Factor in 2012?
Which actor plays Bryn in 'Gavin and Stacey', and presents 'Would I Lie To You'?
Which Premier League team recently ended Manchester City's incredible unbeaten run?
How many players make up a curling team?
From which country does the World Record holder of the Men's 400m originate from?
Which dish completes the name 'Steph ____' to reveal the name of a famous basketball player?
Which tennis player is the current British No.2?
Which is the most famous book written by Leo Tolstoy?
Complete the phrase 'Marley was ____ , to begin with'?
Who wrote the book 'Nicholas Nickleby'?
In which English town was William Shakespeare born?
Who, alongside Friedrich Engels, wrote the Communist Manifesto?
Diamonds are a giant lattice structure formed by which gaseous element?
Which Scientist is famous for having had an apple fall on his head to spark his theories?
Which plant hormone causes the stem to bend toward sunlight?
Which element has the chemical symbol 'W'
Which scientist, Niels ____, conflictyed with Einstein on his quantum theory ideas?

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