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Event of first title fightFighter nameDivision(s)
UFC 15Heavyweight
UFC 129Featherweight
UFC 26Welterweight
UFC 100Welterweight
UFC 51Heavyweight
UFC 174Flyweight
UFC 149Bantamweight
UFC 36Heavyweight
UFC 46Light Heavyweight, Middleweight
UFC 152Flyweight
UFC 55Heavyweight
UFC: Ultiamate BrazilWelterweight
UFC 35Middleweight
UFC 157Womens Bantamweight
UFC 178Flyweight
UFC 116Heavyweight
UFC 33Middleweight
UFC 12Heavyweight
UFC 143Welterweight
UFC 90Middleweight
UFC: Ultimate JapanHeavyweight, Light Heavyweight
UFC 132Bantamweight
UFC 175Womens Bantamweight
UFC on FOX 5Lightweight
UFC 143Welterweight
UFC 173Bantamweight
UFC on FOX 6Flyweight
UFC on FOX 1Heavyweight
UFC 112Lightweight, Featherweight
UFC 53Heavyweight
UFC 92Light Heavyweight
UFC 132Bantamweight
UFC 87Welterweight
UFC 64Lightweight
UFC 53Middleweight
UFC 68Heavyweight
UFC 86Light Heavyweight
UFC 165Light Heavyweight
UFC 33Lightweight
UFC 111Welterweight
UFC 144Lightweight
UFC 75Light Heavyweight, Middleweight
Event of first title fightFighter nameDivision(s)
UFC 167Welterweight
UFC 129Featherweight
UFC 17Light Heavyweight
UFC 34Welterweight
UFC 71Light Heavyweight
UFC LiveBantamweight, Flyweight
UFC 128Light Heavyweight
UFC 163Featherweight
UFC 29Light Heavyweight
UFC 124Welterweight
UFC 169Featherweight
UFC 171Welterweight
UFC 97Middleweight
UFC 91Heavyweight
UFC 37Middleweight
UFC: Ultimate BrazilLight Heavyweight
UFC 58Middleweight
UFC 98Light Heavyweight, Middleweight
UFC 112Middleweight
UFC 73Middleweight
UFC 33Light Heavyweight
UFC 125Lightweight
UFC on FUEL TVBantamweight
UFC 44Heavyweight
UFC 170Womens Bantamweight
UFC on FOX 6Lightweight
UFC 142Featherweight
UFC 33Middleweight
UFC: Ultimate BrazilWelterweight
UFC 48Heavyweight
UFC 65Heavyweight
UFC on FOX 8Flyweight
UFC 31Welterweight
UFC 134Middleweight
UFC 22Light Heavyweight
UFC 81Heavyweight
UFC 18Welterweight
UFC 21Welterweight
UFC 35Welterweight, Lightweight
UFC 164Lightweight
UFC 30Lightweight
UFC 56Middleweight
Event of first title fightFighter nameDivision(s)
UFC 20Heavyweight
UFC 26Heavyweight
UFC 39Heavyweight
UFC 157Womens Bantamweight
UFC 104Light Heavyweight
UFC 20Heavyweight
UFC 36Welterweight
UFC 107Lightweight
UFC 12Heavyweight
UFC: Ultimate JapanLight Heavyweight
UFC 40Light Heavyweight
UFC 42Welterweight, Lightweight
UFC 129Welterweight
UFC 64Middleweight
UFC 160Heavyweight
UFC 69Welterweight
UFC 14Heavyweight
UFC 62Light Heavyweight
UFC 117Light Heavyweight, Middleweight
UFC 177Bantamweight
UFC 50Welterweight
UFC 41Heavyweight
UFC 25Light Heavyweight
UFC 32Light Heavyweight
UFC 30Light Heavyweight, Middleweight
UFC 168Womens Bantamweight
UFC 172Light Heavyweight
UFC 51Middleweight
UFC 45Welterweight
UFC 121Heavyweight
UFC 162Middleweight
UFC 23Heavyweight
UFC 165Bantamweight
UFC 29Welterweight
UFC 16Light Heavyweight

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