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Goddess of Corn; daughter of Cronus and Rhea
son of Zeus and Leto; master musician; also called Delian
Zeus's wife and sister; protector of marriage
Zeus's brother; Lord of the Underworld; also called 'The God of Wealth'
name means Memory
parents are Zeus and Maia; Zeus's Messanger; Master Thief
Daughter of Zeus; no mother; battle goddess; protector of civlized life; inventor of the bridle
Friendly Sea
ruler of all titans
Name means 'gift of all'
God of Fire: son of Zeus and Hera; ugly
savior of mankind
he dethroned Cronus and brought in the Golden Age: king of the gods
Unfriendly Sea
Zeus's sister; virgin goddess; Goddess of the Hearth
translated by justice
Father Heaven
God of War; son of Zeus and Hera
father of the sun, moon, and the dawn
Apollo's twin sister; maiden goddess of Olympus; Lady of Wild Things
river that was supposed to encircle the earth
he bore the world on his shoulders
place where all gods live
God of Wine; son of Zeus and Semele
had one eye; gigantic
Goddess of Love and Beauty; daughter of Zeus and Dione
maiden of the spring
Zeus's brother; Lord of the Sea; called 'Earth Shaker'
Mother Earth
wife of Ocean
monster with a hundred heads

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