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conservative, anti-Carthage senator who ended every speech with the famous words CARTHAGO DELENDA EST, 'Carthage must be destroyed'
young Roman girl who betrayed access to Rome to the enemy in exchange for what they were wearing on their forearms
key figure in overthrowing the monarchy, resisting the tarquins' attempt to reclaim Rome, and establishing the republic
though old and blind pursuaded the Senate not to accept the unfvorable peace proposal of the Greek King, Pyrrhus
alone held off the invading Etruscans at the Sublician Bridge before swimming to saftey
heroically led a group of Roman hostages, dodging Etruscan guards and spears, back to Rome
at the cost of his own life persuaded the Roman Senate to decline a prisioner exchange; returned to Carthage because he had given his word
Roman statesman famed for his honesty and integrity, who, although poor, refused bribery attempts by the Greek King, Pyrrhus
prevented military disaster as the 'Delayer' against Hannibal's more numerous and experienced troops
told the story of the 'Belly And the Limbs' to win back the pleblians who had withdrawn from Rome ''on strike''
with her speech shamed her son into withdrawing his atack to Rome
as dictator, saved a Roman consul and trapped army, then gave up his powers within a mere 16 days
while attempting to assassinate an Etruscan king voluntarily burned off his hand to demonstrate his courage
her rape by Sextus tarquinius and subequent suicide triggered the revolt which banished King Tarquinius Superbus' family

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