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forced dispersion of a group of people from their traditional home; jewish exile in 586 BC because of Babylonians; causes natural disasters, gov. actoin, political decisions
brought change from old world to new world, fight between Incas and Spaniards; Spaniards had advantages in guns germs and steal and eventually won; spread of writing had an effect
stressed holiness of Jerusalem;holy land was being taken away and he was mad; many men helped him fight the battle
alphabet has evolved; Greeks/Romans/Phoenicians made modern alphabet
various explorers; Drake would go on expeditions for resources; queen and kings would sponser you
fall of Mali, Songhay, and Ghana;bad autocrats would destroy the empire; outside invaders would attack the empire
ekklesia was the dominant institution of democracy in Athens; Boule divided into 10 delegations- 50 men each
influential person; one of the most successful fighters in French history; fought with pride; inpirational to men; allowed Dauphin charles to become king of France
If Assyrians had conquered Jerusaem in 701 BC there would be no Judaism, Islam, or Christianity today; Plague hit the opponent to Jerusalem
Christianity weakened; plague lead poisoning; barbarian invasions; civil wars
caused great morality rates, labor shortages, poor had higher standard of living, loss in faith
Play; Dikaiopolis wants Ampitheus to make peace with Sparta; Assembly Meeting involved
economic base of feudalism; Moldboard plow made revoultion in agriculture;classes was from lords to peasants

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