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Forced Order
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to embarrass, make ashamed, or make uneasy; or to disconcert or discomfort
distress, suffering, trouble, or misery
lacking energy or enthusiasm
to fall or draw back, or to shrink back suddenly
hardship or want, or the loss of absence of quality
to make someone anxious or unsettled
gloomy, glum, sullen, surly, or in a bitter ill humor
weak, sluggish, dull, or lacking vigor or spirit
to trouble, worry, annoy, or torment, or to attack an enemy repeatedly
a state of being suprised and confused
to make someone feel annoyed, fustrated, or worried
something that causes pain
despairing, utterly discouraged, or extremely dejected
distress at having failed
looking or sounding sad and dismal
having an emotional and stolidly calm disposition
a feeling of worry or anxiety
a feeeling of doubt or hesitation with regard to the morality of an action
to confuse, disturb, fustrate, upset, or embarrass
to cause someone to lose confidence
sounding sad and mournful
feeling drained of energy; weakened
severe, stern, or harsh; morally strict; or simple or lacking ornament
the state of physical or mental inactivity
to feel remorse, repentence, or regret
a feeling of doubt, fear, or suspicion
low spirits; a feeling of depression; spell of inactivity and depression
relentlessly severe in appearence
to disarrange, upset, or throw into a confusion or disorder
lacking enthusiasm and determination; lazy
a confused fight or struggle
misfortunate, bad luck, or an unfortunate accident
bad-tempered and sulky; gloomy
sad, gloomy, or depressed
depressed, dispirited, dejected, or very discouraged

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