Word Ladder: Stairway To Heaven

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Can you name the 4-letter words to help complete the last verse of Stairway To Heaven?

Updated Sep 21, 2013

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''And as we wind on down the ____''
Lion sound
Fly like an eagle
Lemony disposition
''Our shadows taller than our ____''
Not fair in baseball
Not a wise man
Not a hand
Chimney dirt
Hair tangle
''There walks a lady we all ____.''
Sky flakes
''Who shines white light and wants to ____''
Chinese dog
Thick meat slice
Hen pen
Not bad
''How everything still turns to ____''
Cover with Au
Encircle with a belt
Feathered friend
Poem reciter
''And if you listen very ____''
Old male deer
Derriere sound
Not slow
''The truth will come to you at ____''
Not found
Stolen goods
Foolish old man
Outdoor garment
Talk or type socially
Abbott's second baseman
Stimulate appetite
''____ all are one and one is all''
Not now
Not an adult yet
Angry (with off)
Two or three in sloths
Road charge
''To be a rock and not to ____''
Small stream
Unite metals
Unwanted plant
Plant embryo
Tool storage structure
''And ____ buying a stairway to heaven.''

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