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Can you name the 5-letter words to complete this word ladder that features some of Julianne Moore's movies*?

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Hint5-Letter Word
'_____ (Last Rung)' - 2014
Stop making progress
Follow stealthily
Iron Man Tony
'Maps To The _____' - 2014
Exchanges punches
Urges onward
Tart whiskey drinks
'The _____' - 2002
Hint5-Letter Word
Digging gardeners, often
Those who get things done
Common room portals
American beer company
Chicken houses
Fields of food
Rubbery footwear
Earthenware pot
Partial split in an earthenware pot
Hint5-Letter Word
Train road
Slight quantity
'Savage _____' - 2007
Class score
Open space in a forest
Fly without an engine
Coast over ice
Apportion by cutting
'(First Rung) _____' - 2014

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