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Quiz Updated Jan 30, 2016

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Hint5-Letter Word
● 'The Treasure Of The Sierra _____' (1948) ●
Madonna nickname
Homer Simpson's spouse
● 'Key _____' (1948) ●
Coen Brothers movie
Do without
Work metal
Stuff yourself with food
Chisel out
Cheek powder
Awaken roughly
Cook meat in an oven
Minimum amount
Rental agreement
_____ Porridge (or Pudding) Hot
War alternative
● 'In a Lonely _____' (1950) ●
Chalkboard rock
Hint5-Letter Word
Thin and narrow pieces of wood
Thin and narrow openings
Secret agents
'60s anime '_____ Racer'
Horse for riding
Sloped and rising sharply
● 'The Big _____' (1946) ●
Hard rain
Warships under one command
Runs away
Releases from confinement
Astaire and Flintstone, e. g.
Gives food to
Senses emotionally
Cuts down
Surrenders to gravity
Coffin covers
Intense aches
'Common Sense' author Thomas
● 'The _____ Mutiny' (1954) ●

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