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Upon returning to Earth due to a hankering for some Reeses Pieces, the title character hooks up with Elliott for a little D&D.
Jamal doesn't do so well on Celebrity Jeopardy after he discovers he can't call Latika for help with the Daily Double.
You know that beautiful friendship with Louis that Rick was talking about? Well... you don't want to know.
Just 9 years later, Darby Shaw is loving her life and job as she hands Gray Grantham an Oscar.
Chuck Noland crash-lands on another deserted island, this time with a basketball named 'Spalding' to keep him company.
On the urging of Father Barry, eventually Terry Malloy trains really hard and (cue Rocky music) does indeed become a contendah!
Alvy has another chance encounter with the title character at a coffee shop; they kvetch about their love lives for 2 hours as they wander around New York.
Little Ray grows up to be an ace pitcher, demanding the title character to (of course) 'show me the money'.
Unfortunately, Marlin's son is lost again and hijinks ensue. Pixar hopes to turn this into a 'Home Alone'-style franchise.
Rosebud somehow survives the fire and is passed on to yet another multi-billionaire, who learns the true value of life one particularly snowy day on a hillside.

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