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Who is Percy's first step-father
Who is Percy's second step-father
Who is Percy's father
Who is Percy's mother
Who is Percy's best friend
Who is Percy's girlfriend
Who is Percy's least favourite god
What is Percy's favourite drink
What is Percy's favourite colour
What is Percy's sword's name
Who is Annabeth's mother
What is Annabeth's sword made of
Who gave Annabeth her first weapon(knife)
Annabeth's hat makes the wearer...
Who is Annabeth's father
Who is Jason's father
Who is Jason's mother
Who is Jason's sister
Who is Jason's girlfriend
Who is Jason's best friend
Who is Leo's father
Who is Leo's mother
Who is Leo's great-grandfather
What rare power does Leo have (kinesis term)
What does Leo wear around his waist
Who is Piper's father
Who is Piper's mother
What is the name of Piper's knife
Piper also has blood from which native nation
What is Piper's dad occupation
Who is Hazel's father
Who is Hazel's mother
Who is Hazel's boyfriend
Who is Hazel's horse
What is Hazel's rank in the roman legion
Who is Frank's father
Who is Frank's mother
What country was Frank born
What ability does Frank have
What country are Frank's ancestors from
Who is Reyna's mother
Who is Reyna's father
What can Reyna 'lend' to others
Who is Reyna's sister
What are Reyna's initials
Who is Thalia's father
Who is Thalia a lieutenant of
What is the name of Thalia's shield
What did Thalia become when she was killed
What brought Thalia back to life
Who is Nico's father
Who is Nico's mother
Where did Nico spend 70 years of his life
What is Nico's sword made of
Who did Nico once have a crush on
Who is Luke's father
Who is Luke's mother
Which Titan did Luke host
What is the name of Luke's sword
What gave Luke the scar on his face

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